ZenziWerken is a project by
Daniel Groß
Parsevalstr. 8a
97074 Würzburg


About me

Hi, my name is Daniel and I live with my wife and three kids in Würzburg, Germany. I studied graphic design, but right from the start, I changed the focus to the more technical aspects in this field. Now I work as a software developer for a co-owned online shop around the print business, including automatic generation of pdf. As my day-job mainly does involve digital immaterial goods I was longing to do something more "touchable". Working with a cnc-machine combines perfectly, what I love: designing useful (and practical) things (first on paper than on a computer) and working with wood. At the beginning of 2015, I invested in an entry level cnc machine and made my first steps on actual CAD-software. Till then I had used [vector] graphics software, but it quickly became clear, that a real CAD-program greatly would improve the process. So with the first drawing, I explored the possibilities of a cnc-machine. After getting comfortable and more confident I started publishing designs on Thingiverse and cataloged the project on this website in 2016. Till then I published over one hundred designs in a roughly weekly cycle. Projects range from super simple ideas like the one-hand-book-holder to more complex mechanical designs like the kid's toy balance. As I got three kids I build a bunch of toys, other designs are aimed more on fascinating women in general and my wife in particular. Occasionally I take applications for a design or a collaboration.

The name

ZenziWerken is a made-up word, originated from the long form of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) in the style of the Bavarian abbreviation of Kreszentia and the Dutch word for work.


I am a true amateur in things industrial design. The pure possibility to make forms in satisfactory precision inspires me to the various things. The process of making is a very important part, but the haptic perception of the finished workpieces gives me great gratification as well.

List of origins

All drawings are own designs (except a creator is explicitly mentioned) and all photos are made by myself. The icons are from Font Awsome [SIL Open Font License, 1.1].

The fonts are made available by Google:


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