ZenziWerken is a project by
Daniel Groß
Parsevalstr. 8a
97074 Würzburg


The name

ZenziWerken is a made-up word, originated from the long form of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) in the style of the bavarian abbreviation of Kreszentia and the Dutch word for work.


I am a true amateur in things indsutrial design. The pure possibility to make forms in satisfactory presicion inspires me to the variuos things. The process of making is a very important part, but the haptic perception of the finished work pieces gives me great gratification.

List of origins

All drawings are own designs (except a creator is explicitly mentioned) and all photos are made by myself.
The icons are from Font Awsome [SIL Open Font License, 1.1].

The fonts are made available by Google:


The security of the transmission is ensured by a ssl-encryption. The certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt.