Christmas-Ornaments "Star-themed"

After a little argue with the Imperium I was allowed to hang those neat little ornaments (on the back) of our Christmas tree.

These two classic space fighter are designed to snapfit together. I cut them from 4 mm beech plywood and spraypainted them golden. There are no holes for attaching a string so you need to drill them in an appropriate places.

If you want to cut these ornaments on a lase be sure to set the laser to engraving on the segments of the wings of the TIE-fighter.

I added a postcard-snapout-version of the X-wing, which is not testet yet. Hopefully Santa brings some kind of printer to give it a try ;)

X-Wing-TIE-Fighter-Ornaments.jpg X-Wing-TIE-Fighter-Ornaments-Drawing.png

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