Actually, this bunny is built of 5 layers, of course, but let's not be so strict. Unlike many of my TLA animals, I decided not to use a screws or logs for the simple alignment of the layers, but to mill 'bolts' with a square cross-section as well. The difficulty is that in that case you have to align the model quite precisely to the thickness of the material. But for this you can first find the alignment absolutely sure. In addition, you do not need any additional material.

Explicitly marked in the drawing and taken into account in the mirroring of the parts is that the alignment bolts do not penetrate the outer parts. Depending on the material, one can actually save the use of glue if the fit is chosen to be sufficiently tight. The parts are then simply brought into position with a soft-face hammer.

Easter-Bunny-1 Easter-Bunny-2 Easter-Bunny-3 Easter-Bunny-4

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