My first led light, called "The Arc" was used by my wife it as a piano light. After some time she complained that the cone of light was to shallow to enlighten two pages of music. So I got back to the shop and made another version using LEDs on a long PCB. To hide the ugly part I milled corresponding holes into pvc hard foam and sandwiched it with a bar of birch plywood. Apart from the head I just had to change the connector to the arm.

My build was done from 6,5 mm birch plywood, 5 mm PVC hard foam and some 4 mm high-density fiber using a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft. The 'arm' needs to be cut twice from the high-density fiber.

PianoLamp.jpg PianoLamp-detail-foot.jpg PianoLamp-detail-hinge.jpg PianoLamp-detail-leds.jpg PianoLamp-using-at-the-piano.jpg

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