Swiveling Wall Spot Lamp

Like my first led light "The Arc" this lamp uses the Ledberg Spotlight from IKEA and shares some design ideas, like the two-part arm, the head and the round base. Other than "The Arc" this lamp is intended to be screwed on the wall for example besides a bed. That is why I made the swivel mechanism. The arm can be tilted by 45° to both directions, making it possible to reach a point with the light beam.

My build was done from 6,5 mm beech plywood on my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft. A series of very small nails cut to be flush with the turning base and corresponding magnets makes the arm lock in position.

Swiveling-Wall-Spot-Lamp-1-Model Swiveling-Wall-Spot-Lamp-2-Build Swiveling-Wall-Spot-Lamp-3-Detail

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