Flexible Interlocking Laptop Stand

This prototype of a laptop stand is designed to be as simple as possible ... concerning production and usage. Furthermore, I tried to minimize material consumption and pack size. I used the nesting to reduce the cuts and utilize the complete material width. For prototyping this idea I decided to use a really cheap material: OSB (oriented strand board). It has a rustic touch and can be sanded surprisingly smooth.

The stand can be used horizontal and upright. You just need to place the beam into the slots on the upper end. The interlocking slots result in quite usable rigidity. The parts can be taken apart for shipping and transportation.

Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---cad Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---cnc Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---level Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---level-empty Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---upright Flexible-Interlocking-Laptop-Stand---upright-empty

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Laptop-Stand (for MacBook)

Manuel donated this nice design of a MacBook-Stand. I scaled the original size (made from 9 mm material) down to fit my 6 mm material and for usage with my 7" tablet.

Tablet-Stand-Model Tablet-Stand-Usage Tablet-Stand-empty Manuels-Laptop-Stand-Stand-a Manuels-Laptop-Stand-Stand-b

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