Wooden PaperKnifes

Many years ago I made a paper knife from wenge. It was cut from a scrap piece and sanded to shape. Using a small-sized cnc I had the idea of recreating such a knife. I used one of our kitchen knives as a template and traced the outline from two directions.

Then I used my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft and a long 3 mm flute especially designed to cut wood and some 20 mm oak. I got this as scrap from my local wood dealer, where I always ask if I can take a look in the litter bin. After cutting the first contour I turned the blank 90° and fixed it on the machine bed. When I had the second cut I used a handheld router with a round-over bit to shape the handle. Only a little sanding was needed to 'sharpen' the blade and smooth the handle some more. A little oil gave the knifes a good finish and made the grain stand out beautifully. After the first success, I took some checker tree and walnut to make some more knives. I haven't tried to print the stl! It's just an extrusion from the two contours using Fusion360.

WoodenPaperKnife 2 WoodenPaperKnife-operational-steps WoodenPaperKnife 3 WoodenPaperKnife 4 WoodenPaperKnife 5

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