Leaflet Display (horizontal)

When attending my first Maker Faire I had some leaflets to spread out the word on how cool things can be done with a payable cnc machine. They were designed in landscape orientation and just put them on the table. All the time I thought it'd be nice to have some kind of holder or display. So, after getting back home I designed this leaflet display.

It was built from some 20 mm hardwood and a aluminum-polyethylene-compound material I got as scrap from a local sign maker. I used my desktop cnc-machine from Stepcraft and a spiral-toothed 3 mm flute for the wood and a 2 mm single-flute end-mill to cut the compound-material. After a little sanding, I oiled the wood and put the pieces together without any further fixation.

3D-Model in SketchUp Leaflet Display, usage Leaflet Display The Aludibond will be folded ... ... and stuck into the side pieces ... ... there it will be held in place by friction

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