Hex ScrewDriver Stand

I got a set of hey key screwdrivers I use quite often. The small sizes are hard to distinguish as the print on the handle has rubbed off. The idea was to build a stand with clear labeling.

It was built from some 20 mm laminated plywood and some more of the aluminum-polyethylene-compound material (Aludibond) I used for my Leaflet Display.

The laminated plywood was a great material to engrave the size labels. If engraved to a very shallow depth of 0.4 mm so the white surface was milled away and the black laminate showed through. Aludibond can be bend perfectly if you use a specialized tool: a BOX-Router Bit.

The parts were cut with my Stepcraft desktop cnc-machine and a spiral-toothed 3 mm flute for the wood and a 2 mm single-flute end-mill to cut the compound-material. I drilled the holes for mounting the screws and for the screwdrivers itself with a drill press. Before assembly, I oiled the wood. Four round self-adhesive felt feet finalized the built and gave it a secure stand.

Hex-ScrewDriver-Stand-a Hex-ScrewDriver-Stand-b Hex-ScrewDriver-Stand-Detail

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