For years I avoided 3d-printing because of various reasons ...
  • material (plastic only)
  • time (takes for ages)
  • limited size (can't go bigger than 20 cm, still the bigger the longer it takes)

... but, there are objects that can not be done with a CNC machine, at least not a machine you could afford. So, price dropping, quality increasing, reduced fuzz about tweaking the printer, I made the step and bought an entry-level printer. As with my CNC machine I was looking to make something useful right away, so I started to design adapter for the spiral hose that is used for dust extraction.

The first one took two trials, with the second I succeeded right away. I treated the surface with sandpaper and a coat with lacquer for cosmetic reasons only.

Actually I am pretty happy how this worked out.

Spiralhose-Adapter-2 Spiralhose-Adapter-1 Spiralhose-Adapter-3 Spiralhose-Adapter-4 Spiralhose-Adapter-5

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