Curved Dining-Chair

As stated with Version 6 of this chair the development was not at a final state. So here is version 9 of the Curved Dining Chair!

Apart from small changes in the geometry I used the opportunity to hide the tenons in the seat and the backrest. The parts contain pockets and the tenon are only half as long. Still the feature the same cnc-style wedged mortise joints.

Like the version 6 this prototype was made by Koch-Mannes Maschinenhandel who were so kind to donate the material as well. This coated high quality birch plywood is pretty perfect for a dining chair. Plus you can choose from many different colors if you like to.

Curved-Dining-Chair-v9 Ebenenkomposition-1 Curved-Dining-Chair-v9 Ebenenkomposition-2 Curved-Dining-Chair-v9 Ebenenkomposition-3 Curved-Dining-Chair-v9 Ebenenkomposition-4 Curved-Dining-Chair-v9 Ebenenkomposition-5 Curved-Dining-Chair-v9-Dev

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Curved Dining-Chair [Prototype]

Normally I publish project that are pretty worked out, but I this case I make an exception. This dining chair is Version 6 of a design process, that is likely to be continued.

I had the opportunity to make a life size prototype on a Holzfraese at Koch-Mannes Maschinenhandel in Schweinfurt. It was cut out of 18 mm plywood using a 4 mm single flute end mill at unbelievable 4500 mm/min with only two cuts (9 mm depth per cut). This is clearly not a machine for the enthusiast hobby maker, but it just great to try it out.

The wedged mortise joints work like on my Doll High Chair but they are flush with the surface when they are hammered in. I did a 6 mm roundover using my small handheld router and sanded the parts before assembly.

Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 01 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 02 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 03 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 04 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 05 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 06 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 07 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 08 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 09 Curved-Dining-Chair-v6 10

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