Inspired by a somewhat intrusive advertisement on social media, I made my own variation of a tripod to carry a tablet. I use it to have distractions when training indoors on my road bike.
After I made a prototype for a riding buddy the request came first for a less inclined version (25°) and then for a completely flat version with a wide tray used for a laptop. This version (0°) is also stable enough to put the water bottle on the outer edge. Basically, however, the stability depends on the surface. If the legs stand on slippery ground, rubber studs are useful.

The actual construction was made in Fusion360 and starts from the central connecting element. Due to the required shape, it was not possible to produce it on the CNC machine. I therefore printed the part on my Ender3 from black PET. I milled the actual tray from birch plywood, transferring the contour of the contact point from Fusion360 into SolidEdge to create a recessed area for optimal connection. The legs are made of 28 mm beech roundwood. These can be purchased particularly inexpensively as broomsticks at hardware stores. However, it is advisable to take the connection part with you when you buy them, as occasionally logs are sold with 28 mm, but these are slightly thicker.

RacingTriPod-0-Front.jpg RacingTriPod-1-Side.jpg RacingTriPod-2-Side2.jpg RacingTriPod-3-Back.jpg RacingTriPod-4-Back2.jpg RacingTriPod-5-CAD-45.jpg RacingTriPod-6-CAD-25.jpg RacingTriPod-7-CAD-0.jpg

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