Standing Desk "Martin the Great"

At the request of a dear friend, the name does not matter here, I have designed and prototyped the common design of a tabletop standing desk. As with many of the popular designs found on the internet, this involves hanging a board horizontally in slots in a sloping board, which in turn is held in place by an inserted foot. The foot is held firmly in place by a sort of pin, while the horizontal worktop is simply held in place by a small groove, making it very easy to change. The load is not comparable to the height-adjustable bar stool on which a good part of the user's body weight rests, so I could do without the curved supports. This simplifies the design. On the other hand, another consideration played a role: the components should nested as effectively as possible on standard dimensions (materials size or machine size). The various design iterations resulted in two variants. Once, the parts fit on the work surface of my machine and occupy exactly 100 cm x 70 cm. To accommodate a wider work surface, I had to switch to the fixed size of 125 cm x 83 cm, which you can get cheaply at the hardware store.

Schreibtisch-Stehpult-Martin-der-Grosse-1 Schreibtisch-Stehpult-Martin-der-Grosse-2 Schreibtisch-Stehpult-Martin-der-Grosse-3

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