Wallclock „FatFour“

The design of the wall clock "FatFour" features an uncommon implementation of numbers and dots that – other than with classic inlay – made from very thick material. Actually so thick that you can clearly see this from the side. I used 20 mm oak for dots and numbers and 5 mm pvc-hardfoam for the dial itself. The clockwork is a simple quartz movement you get of eBay. The clock hands are covered with wood veneer.

The drawing was made using Illustrator. Fusion360 helped to verify the design as it renders a representation before wasting valuable material.

WallClock-FatFour-1 WallClock-FatFour-2 WallClock-FatFour-3 WallClock-FatFour-4 WallClock-FatFour-CAD WallClock-FatFour-Rendering

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