Wallclock „GorgeousGorges“

On a cnc it is rather common to use a v-bit to create carvings. Unlike a standard end mill it is possible to get lines with various width if the bit cuts in various depth.

The clock face was made using a v-bit too, but actually without making use of v-carving. A very thin font gives a dramatic effect if a large v-bit engraves it's outlines. This effect is even enhanced by the dark layers of glue that is a main feature of plywood. The overlap of the numbers is welcome and can be adjusted by the overall depth.

When milling this design, it is critical to be aware that the depth per cut must not be even, but the first cuts could got quite deep (like 4 mm), while the last cut should be 0.2 mm. As the diameter extends with the cutting depth an increasing amount of material is engaged. If this engagement is to much it might result in loss of steps, burnt edges or even a broken bit.

WallClock-Gorgeous-Gorges-1 WallClock-Gorgeous-Gorges-2 WallClock-Gorgeous-Gorges-3 WallClock-Gorgeous-Gorges-4 WallClock-Gorgeous-Gorges-5

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