Wallclock „TinyDottie“

In the case of the wall clock "TinyDottie", the principle of intarsia is pretty much driven to the extreme, as there is a small dot for every minute. The dial itself was made of pine plywood. It has some wonderful wood grain. The problem with the sticky milling dust, which has bothered me with Five-sided-Grill-Lantern, does not apply to the flat pockets. The numbers and dots are cut from 1 mm thick smoked oak veneer. Cutting so small parts requires sitting by the machine and holding down the parts with a screwdriver so they do not fly around. The insertion itself is time-consuming, but rather simple: A tiny drop of glue and put the part in place. The edge made of solid walnut gives a nice contrast and the clock gets a suitable depth. To use the material sparingly, I divided the circle into four segments and nested the parts pretty close. The gluing is then not so easy if you only have conventional clamps at hand. To upgrade the clock hands (made of aluminum) I applied dark veneer with superglue.

Wallclock TinyDottie with inlays made from smoked oak veneer and a border from walnut Inlay-dots for every minute Clock hands enhanced with veneer

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