Wallclock „StraightCarve“

This design takes advantage of the v-carve function that is found even in entry-level cam-software. I used Illustrator to crate shapes that are converted to toolpaths by EstlCam. The thicker the shape gets the deeper does the tool cut. This way it is possible to create actual 3d-pattern.

The dxf-file has various layers that can be shown separately. This way each shape can be converted to a v-carve without interfering with the overlapping shapes.

WallClock-StaightCarve-1 WallClock-StaightCarve-2 WallClock-StaightCarve-3 WallClock-StaightCarve-6-Illustrator WallClock-StaightCarve-4-CAM WallClock-StaightCarve-5-CAM

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