Wallclock „Floating Numerals“

I have a special liking for wall clocks because these are projects that can be perfectly made with a cnc-machine and at the same time offer endless possibilities in design. Typography is a special passion of mine and the usage of unusual materials is just great.

In this case the the element transparency came into play. Like my Wallclock „VeneeredPMMA“ part of the clock face is made from 15 mm plexiglass, but the numbers are mirrored and cut from the rear – looking actually unreal. Especially if the plexiglass is polished with care you get the impression the numbers are floating.

In order not to destroy this appearance with the ugly clock work, the inner section is made from wood. A matching border is made from the same wood and ensures a harmonic geometry.

For the font I chose the Kanit by Cadson Demak. The lightest style is so thin, you could speak of a linefont while looking modern and a little technical. I made contour cuts on the 'outlines' with a 4 mm single flute end mill. The rather large diameter was necessary, because I made quite deep cuts.

Actually I had two miserable problems on the first try: first the inner section would be large enough to press fit into the ring, so I had to use glue. This messed up the reflecting edges. The the outer rim broke ... twice. You better use some solid hardwood or even plywood and make sure you get the fitting just right.

WallClock-Floating-Numerals 1 WallClock-Floating-Numerals 2 WallClock-Floating-Numerals 3 WallClock-Floating-Numerals 4 WallClock-Floating-Numerals 5

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