Wallclock „VeneeredPMMA“

After creating the wall clock "Gorgeous Gorges" I was thinking about making another multi-layered design that would make use of the depth of cut. Then it came to my mind that a while back a donor gave me a few sheets of 15 mm acrylic glass and I had the idea of applying thin veneer to the surface and then cutting the numbers with a very fine end mill. It showed that a little lighting would be necessary if the clock is not placed on the windowsill, so I added led-strips.

Gluing wood to acrylic glass worked quite well using a 30 minute epoxy. Then I engraved the numbers with a 1.2 mm spiral toothed endmill. I cut only through the veneer, leaving the acrylic glass nearly untouched. You can imagine I was happy that the counters did not come loose. I engraved the circle of the outer perimeter to ensure that the veneer wouldn't get hurt by the next step.

The acrylic glass has to be cut using distinktive parameters: you need to go fast while cutting very shallow. My Sorotec Basicline can do this really good. A 4 mm single flute endmill had enough reach to cut through. Then I flipped the piece to make the recess for the clockwork and the led-strip.

Wallclock-Deskclock-VeneeredPMMA-1 Wallclock-Deskclock-VeneeredPMMA-2 Wallclock-Deskclock-VeneeredPMMA-3 Wallclock-Deskclock-VeneeredPMMA-4 Wallclock-Deskclock-VeneeredPMMA-5

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