Oh boy, what was I thinking? Actually I thought, I might get around the fidget spinning craze ... but .. with a 10 year old son ... you won't get around it ... anywhere in the world. So here is my interpretation of a cool cnc-ed spinner.

The builds were done on a desktop cnc-machine by [Stepcraft](https://www.zenziwerken.de/my-cnc)from

  • 3 mm brass + 2 x 7 mm smoked oak
  • 3 mm green POM + x 7 mm white oak + 3 hexnuts

and a classic skateboard ball-bearing Type 608 (8 x 22 x 7 mm) each. The POM was taken from a IKEA cutting board. It can be cut pretty well with a single flute end mill. To balance out the lower weight I added three hexnuts into the wings of the 3-wing spinner.

The parts were press-fit and glued with epoxy.

Fidget-Spinner-2-wing Fidget-Spinner-2-wing-spinning Fidget-Spinner-3-wing Fidget-Spinner-3-wing-spinning

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