It's a classic game invented in the 70th, that goes by different names like Mastermind or Superhirn. I played it with my 9-year-old daughter and we had tons of fun, so I decided to recreate the board from solid wood.

I used 20 mm beautiful wood from the checker tree and milled the parts on my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft. To get nice carving I took a downcut end mill. This ensures a good edge quality. The holes and the rest were done with long a 3 mm endmill specially intended for wood. The cover is secured by 3 mm neodyn magnets.

WoodenBrainMaster WoodenBrainMaster-Detail WoodenBrainMaster-Cover-open WoodenBrainMaster-Cover-closed WoodenBrainMaster-Rendering WoodenBrainMaster-CAD-Model

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