Connect four

This strategy game is a plain classic! It can be played by rather small children, and mastered by adults as it's a two-player game with perfect information. To create the swivel foot makes the construction easy to store.

vier-gewinnt-1-Entwurf vier-gewinnt-2-CAD vier-gewinnt-3-Modell vier-gewinnt-4-Produktion vier-gewinnt-5-Fertig

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The construction can be built completely glue-free. The taps are carefully fitted with a soft-head hammer. The funnel walls are set in the corresponding grooves. To make the foot swivel the nut is inserted in the bottom part before attaching the front part. When using a self-locking nut the screw can be tightened that the foot just can be turned but does not move on its own.
The gaming pieces can be colored with wood stain or spray paint. You just have to get an appropriate contrast. In any case, it's very important, that the pieces and the inside of the 'board' are sanded smooth, so the pieces are falling nicely.