I am generally fascinated by simple structures that can be combined two- an three-dimensional. Vaguely inspired by the idea of building blocks of my childhood (Nopper) I design a shape that can be made on a cnc with perfect ease and that can be put together in various combinations. It actually is astonishing how exciting a sufficient number of these small building blocks can be.

While looking for a name my nerdy nature came through: II interchanged the letters 'l' and 'o' with '1' and '0' in the style of Leetspeak. That's also funny because 10 is the number of cubes that make up the shape.

Building-Blocks-3DB10X-0-Logo Building-Blocks-3DB10X-0-Sketch Building-Blocks-3DB10X-1-Einzelner-Baustein Building-Blocks-3DB10X-2-Effektive-Schachtelung Building-Blocks-3DB10X-3-Bauwerk Building-Blocks-3DB10X-4-Moebel Building-Blocks-3DB10X-5-Flaechenschachtelung Building-Blocks-3DB10X-6-Burg

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