A usual deck of cards comes in a pretty ugly plastic case that will break quickly if any force is applied. To address this problem I designed this simple box and made it out of a block of beech wood. In the lack of a plainer, I used beech plywood for the lid.

To carve out that kind of material I used a 6 mm router end mill. With a reasonable step down of 3 mm and a feed rate of 2400 mm/min this step is rather quickly done. The other cuts were made using a 4 mm single flute end mill with basically the same settings.

A little mineral oil intensifies the wood color and protects the box against moisture.

Technische Zeichnung 3D-Modell in Fusion360 Rendering in Fusion360 Offene Spielkartenbox Passgenauer Deckel Spielkartenbox aus Buche

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