Boardgame "Dice or Die"

I came across a picture on Pinterest and was instantly intrigued by the idea of a board game that uses dice as pawns. My interpretation uses standard (instead of large – and thus expensive) dice with an edge length of 16 mm.

The rather small size of the dice allowed for a compact and very comfortably storage. I add suitable recesses on the bottom of the playing board. As the thickness of my material was 19 mm I needed matching recesses in the lid as well. The lid itself is a snug fit on the game board, so you can put a single piece into your backpack without any additional container.

This build was done using my Sorotec BasicLine with a 4 mm two-flute endmill especially intended for wood. It results in super clean pockets and a nice edge finish. I used a v-bit to chamfer the edges of the game fields.

I decorated the cover with a laser engraving by using a super cheap diode laser with a 40 mm x 40 mm work area and 1.5 watts of laser power. The design contains some German words you might want to get rid of.

The reason why the drawing is showing two play fields is simply that I needed to cut dog bones for the recesses and needed the rounded contour to create the toolpath for the chamfer. The circle in the middle is to mark the center. This helped me for a reference point when flipping the material.

Dice-or-Die Boardgame-1 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-2 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-3 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-4 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-5 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-6 Dice-or-Die Boardgame-7

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