Doll High Chair (cnc-style wedged mortise joints)

Ok, here is another incarnation of my doll high chair. The original version was a little too flimsy so I did the enforced version (see below). When working on my puzzle plane it came to my mind using wedged mortise would be a great solution to secure the tenons without glue or screws. As I had consider the tool diameter I came up with this pacifier-like shape. The joints are very strong and permanent: perfect for a child's toy.

Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-1-CAD Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-2-Rendering Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-3-Birken-Modell Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-4-Zusammenbau Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-5-Keilzapfen Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-6-Keilzapfenverbindung Doll-High-Chair-cnc-style-wedged-mortise-joints-7-Keilzapfenverbindung

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Doll High Chair (enforced version)

More than a year ago I made a doll high chair for my daughter. It has be played very often, but it did not survive the hard everyday life in a child's room with two older brothers and sisters. After the third time breaking the front legs off I decided a little enforcement was overdue. I changed the drawing in various parts mainly the seat is slotted sideways and the legs are made from 9 mm material.

3D-Model Rendering Built made from 6 and  9 mm birch plywood Improvements

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Doll High Chair

My daughter wanted a high chair for her doll. I designed a pretty simple construction which uses slot-in technology. It's press fit, so no wood glue is needed. I spray painted the backrest, the seat and the tray in red. The color fits perfect to the doll's jumpsuit. The built was done from 6,5 mm Baltic birch plywood on a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft using a spiral-toothed 1.2 mm flute.

3D-Model Rendering Built made from birch plywood Usage of the doll high chair

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