Three-Layered-Animal Rising Horse
(TLA - Three Layers Animals)

My youngest daughter just loves horses (as many girls do) and asked me to make one for her ... so I did :) .

Rising-Horse-TLA-Drawing Rising-Horse-TLA-Model Rising-Horse-TLA-Render Rising-Horse-TLA

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Because one horse ain't enough I needed to make another one ... carrying a rider this time.

Horse-Rider-TLA-Drawing Horse-Rider-TLA-Model Horse-Rider-TLA

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TLA - Three Layers Animals

Kids love animals. They don't have to be naturalistic Schleich figurines. Made from beech plywood and glued together in three layers you get wonderful toys. This kind of realization is especially suitable for pachyderm like elephants.

Mini-Version made from 4 mm poplar plywood Elephant made from 8 mm birch plywood Elephant twins made from 8 mm beech plywood Elephant twins on their way to the watering hole.

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The pack contains tow different elephants, a rhino, a hippo, a bear and a camel.

Three-Layered-Dino Triceratops
(TLA - Three Layers Animals)

The Triceratops become extinct 66 million years ago and might be one of the most popular dinos (besides the T-Rex). The most remarkable feature, the three horns is very suitable for the three-layer-technique. The neck frill demands a creative variance of the design idea.


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Three-Layered-Dino Stegosaurus
(TLA - Three Layers Animals)

The Stegosaurus is pretty famous because of the striking back panels. The spikes at the tails were sacrificed because of the simplification.

Schichttier-Stegosaurus-Model Schichttier-Stegosaurus-Build

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Hopping kangaroo

Inspired by the instractable submitted by WombatMorrison I merged the my 3-layered style with the hopping construction. For easy usage I designed a simple ramp.

Die Bohrungen werden mit einem 4mm und 4,5mm Bohrer gemacht Der Plan ist platzsparend geschachtelt Känguru mit abgeschliffenen Kanten Känguru mit passender Hoppelrampe

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3-D-Puzzle „penguin“

Pinguin-front Pinguin-back Pinguin-painted-front Pinguin-painted-back Pinguin-nested

The penguin was created for my aunt who's a "penguin lover". The expression puzzle is not really suitable, as it could be put together by a three year old.

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