On rare occasions, my wife comes to me with a direct request for an object. This time it was about the fizzy drinks bottles, which are so unstable when empty due to their unfortunate design that they constantly fall over by the sink. If you turn them upside down, all you have to do is look in that direction and they fall over.

A bottle rack, or more precisely a bottle dryer, was therefore required. I decided in favour of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). This is not only heavy but also water-resistant and therefore well suited for use. I also had suitable panels to hand. Fixing with screws would not actually have been necessary due to the tight fit ... but the holes had already been drilled and stainless steel screws look really nice.

The construction is very simple. An upper and a lower plate with matching circular recesses allow the bottles to be positioned. I used a router to round off these recesses. This means that the bottles can easily find the right place.

After the prototype for 2 bottles proved to be successful, I adapted the drawing for 4 bottles.

Flaschentrockner Flaschentrockner-Detail

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