Box for Dishwasher-Tabs

Toxic cleaning supplies are kept out of reach of kids, preferably on the top shelf. The only impractical thing is, that you have to fish for the dishwasher tabs nearly once a day. This dispenser box simplifes the process significantly. The gradient makes the tabs slide to the opening and you do without the help of a step stool. The size is made for containing approx. 60 tabs.

Spülmaschinentab-Box-Plan Spülmaschinentab-Box-Model Spülmaschinentab-Box-Build

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The construction is pretty straight foreward. After making the parts you just glue them together. If you use Aludibond (as I did) hot glue is the medium of choice. The Aludibon can be bent if is kerfed in the right places. You can even make the back, the gradient and the front from one part. If you stain the sideparts you get a wonderful contrast to the white surface of the Aludibond.