ShakerSistaz "Sally & Peppa"

Some ideas just pop up without any prior warning. So I sat on the table and asked for some salt. That moment I was thinking it'd be great to have a few more salt shakers. The same instant I remembered the lumber I got from the saw mill a few days before. And there it was: let's make some salt and pepper shakers from oak and walnut.

As I got some 20 mm hardwood I came up with the idea of making interlocking parts. They should be machined from one side only to simplify the process. I used my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft and a very nice 3 mm high grade endmill especially intended for wood.

The designed was done in Fusion360. I still need to learn a lot to speed up the process, but it a great and very capable piece of software. For the first time I used the function to create a drawing from the 3d-parts. It helped me setting up my toolpaths as the CAM part of Fusion is just to complex at the time. The pdf is included in the downloads.

The-Shaka-Sistaz-Sally-Peppa The-Shaka-Sistaz-Sally-Peppa-Construction The-Shaka-Sistaz-Sally-Peppa-open The-ShakaSistaz-Sally-Peppa-Rendering

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