Meat tenderizer

After making my Wooden Mallet I thought a meat tenderizer would be useful as well. We probably don't use it a lot, what was the reason we did not had one in the kitchen yet. The design of the split head is taken from the mallet, but I reduced the size of the handle and of course the head.

I made two versions: one out of beech and oak and another out of birch and checker tree. The birch was glued from two 10 mm pieces out of reclaimed slatted. To get the spikes into the hammerhead secured it on the cnc and used a large 90° v-bit. Carefully engraving lines with a shallow depth per pass. On the last cut I even reduced the speed and made an extra shallow pass (0.2mm) to get a good surface finish. I soaked the hammer in olive oil to make it water resistant.

MeatTenderizer 0.jpg MeatTenderizer 1.jpg MeatTenderizer 2.jpg MeatTenderizer 3.jpg MeatTenderizer 4.jpg MeatTenderizer 5.jpg MeatTenderizer 6.jpg

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