These knife handles are meant as an example and to show how easy it is to make them on a desktop cnc. The quickest way to get the form of your knife is, to put them in a scanner and trace the image. I got the blade of the steak knife from a online shop where you can buy all kinds of stuff to make your own knives.

I used my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraftand a spiral-toothed 3 mm flute on 7 mm oak material. To attach the handle to the blade I used brass rivets. Some soft taps with the soft hammer and my vice got the rivets fastened. After that I used a spindle sander to smooth out the forms and some oil to finish the wood.

Knifehandles Bread-knife-handel-from-oak Bread-knife-handel-from-oak-detail Steak-knife-with-handle-from-smoked-oak Steak-knife-with-handle-from-smoked-oak-Detail

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