Because of it's technical nature a desktop-cnc-machine is an adequate tool for creating triovets with filigrane cut-outs or carvings. You can't make this kind of workpieces on any other tool that simple and fast. If you veneer or stain the sureface you get wonderful variety on hte same designs.

Archimedes spiral trivet

Topfuntersetzer-Schimedes-Spirale-hell Topfuntersetzer-Schimedes-Spirale-Deckungsgleich Topfuntersetzer-Schimedes-Spirale-Ineinenander Topfuntersetzer-Schimedes-Spirale

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Filigrane Cutouts

Topfuntersetzer-Blattstruktur-grob Topfuntersetzer-Blattstruktur-fein Topfuntersetzer-Herzl Topfuntersetzer-Zellstruktur-furniert Topuntersetzer-Dark-Bubbles-oben Topuntersetzer-Dark-Bubbles-unten

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This somehow spooky design was made with StippleGen. I did nur use a V-bit, but a very fine down-cutting bit. I did stain and oil the surface for a better contrast before carving it.


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3d transformation

It takes considerably more effort to create a real 3d transformation. Besides the higher usage of material this slot-in geometry has to be glued. The rigidity is pretty impressive – even on a 6.5 mm baltic birch plywood: no problem on carrying a large pot.

Topfuntersetzer-3-D Topfuntersetzer-3-D-Detail-1 Topfuntersetzer-3-D-Detail-2

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