Bend Spiral Bowl Advanced

After the this feedback of my first Bend Spiral Bowl I started to research for an improvement that would make the built easier. It took me a darn whole day and several prototypes to realize, that it couldn't be easier than this: after breaking the spiral arms several times I started to water the wood and heat it up in the microwave oven. As last time I used a suitable bowl to bend the arms into position. Now I discovered that you don't even need those brackets. When cooled and dried the arms stay in position and just a little drop of wood glue secures them completely.

Bend-Spiral-Bowl-Advanced Bend-Spiral-Bowl-Advanced-Bottom Bend-Spiral-Bowl-Advanced-Usage Bend-Spiral-Bowl-Advanced-Usage-Bread Bend-Spiral-Bowl-Advanced-Usage-Apples

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Kerf Bending Bowl

This is more of a geometric experiment than an actual usable fruit bowl design. I just had fun calculation the various diameters of the circle segment and the inner circle. In my mind, the brim might be a little higher, but I had to use the bending method I used for the spiral bowl to even get the look of a plate. Maybe someone likes to make a derivate that works better. The build was done on a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft from 9 mm birch plywood using a spiral-toothed 1.5 mm flute. I glued the parts and used some clear coat to seal the surfaces.

KerfBendingBowl-1 KerfBendingBowl-2 KerfBendingBowl-3

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Deco Bowl

These bowls, inspired by scroll saw patterns of Steve Good show a perfect material usage. On a cnc-router it's much easier to make on than on a scroll saw as Steve use them and the round shapes allow a steady (and fast) feed rate. The bowls can be used as a candy bowl, for your keys or as a fruit bowl.

CandyBowl-Plan Candybowl-small CandyBowl-huge

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Archimedes Spiral Bowl

This simple design is based on the Archimedes Spiral and show how far you can bend wood ... even if you deal with plywood

Archimedisches-Spirale-Schale Archimedisches-Spirale-Schale-Plan

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Bend Spiral Bowl

Experimenting a bit more with spiral design and wood bending, this small bowl came to life. It turned out, that a little fixation using small brackets is needed.

Spiralarm-Schale Spiralarm-Schale-Plan

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