Cracking like Nuts

We have a huge walnut tree in our garden. Cracking all those nuts open is a pretty hard job. I got a nice nutcracker which I actually used as a template for an own version. The only downside is, that it takes a good amount of force to crack the nuts. The 'Cracking like Nuts' uses another approach: the eccentric handle gives a nice amount of leverage. As the handle pushes the nuts to the end it is impossible to lose grip.

To build it, I took some 20mm walnut, which is kind of recursive :) and milled the parts on my desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft. Again I did without double-sided machining. The base parts are glued and a machine-screw (M5) works as the bolt. No counter-nut it needed if the hole in the second half of the base is a little smaller.

I am not sure if a print from plastics could take the force, but if someone wants to try I'd be glad to get feedback.

Cracking-like-Nuts-1 Cracking-like-Nuts-2 Cracking-like-Nuts-3 Cracking-like-Nuts-4 Cracking-like-Nuts-Rendering

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I used the geometry of a wonderful performing nutcracker to create this layered version. The aluminum and oak parts are screwed together. While I used nuts to secure the screws on the handles, I tapped threads in the aluminum parts.

This build was done on a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft from 7 mm oak wood using a 2 mm spiral toothed flute and 3 mm aluminum cut with a 2 mm 2-edged flute.

After a nutcracking session, it showed, that the Nutcracker is not strong enough. I changed the drawing slightly and went with brass as main material resulting in a very rigded instrument.

Nutcracker-Model Nutcracker-Renderl Nutcracker-Aluminum-Oak-C Nutcracker-Aluminum-Oak-A Nutcracker-Aluminum-Oak-B NutcrackerII-Model NutcrackerII-Render NutcrackerII-Brass-SmokedOak

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