Toothbrush Head Stand

Keeping the heads of an electric toothbrush is somehow a pain in the ass. If you put them up they fall over very fast and liquids leave an unappetizing residue.

Using a dark acrylic glass (PMMA) I made a holder which can be cleaned with ease and prevents the toothbrush heads from tipping effectively. The recesses are designed to keep the heads in place even if the holder is sloping. You have to remove them by lifting them first.

I cut the material with my Stepcraft desktop cnc-machine and a single-flute 2 mm endmill. Some drops of water with methylated spirits and a little compressed air kept the chips from melting. After cutting I heated up a small strip with a heat gun and carefully bend it to the correct angle. The right part of the drawing can give you a reference, but the exact angle is not that important. Just make sure the top and the bottom parts are parallel.

Toothbrush Head Stand 1 Toothbrush Head Stand 2 Toothbrush Head Stand 3 Toothbrush Head Stand 4 3D Rendering

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