Fruit and Vegetables Tray

We keep a small assortment of vegetables (mainly cucumber, carrots, paprika) in the kitchen beside the stove. Every time the spot needs to be cleaned all items have to be moved individually. I thought a little try might help in this situation.

I used the same design principle like my horizontal Leaflet Display and the Apple Tray „Lines“ where two blocks of solid hardwood are joined by some bend aludibond. This sandwich material can be bend if kerfed from one side. It gives an interesting effect if the bend lines aren't straight.

Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-1 Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-2 Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-3 Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-4 Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-6 Fruit-and-Vegetables-Tray-5

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