FruitPlate „The Wave“

This fruit plate is a close relative of my Fruit Bowl "Sphere" as it shares the same design principle of interlocking pieces. Apart from the bowl, I used Fusion360 to create the basic body utilizing the 'form' tool. After burying 123-Make Autodesk released the 'Slicer' as an AddOn to Fusion360. It still could be used as a stand-alone-tool, which is no drawback as it does not work in any linked way to Fusion. You can't even update the model with the same parameters. Same as last time I used Illustrator to nest the parts much more effective than the 'Slicer' could manage to do. My build was done on a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft from 9 mm birch plywood using a spiral-toothed 1.5 mm flute. The parts were glued together and oiled to give it a nice finish.

Usage of the Fruit Bowl „Sphere“ Usage of the Fruit Bowl „Sphere“ Usage of the Fruit Bowl „Sphere“ Make of the Fruit Bowl in birch plywood Slices created using Autodesk Slicer Nested Parts

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