Bookends „Labrador“

When publishing these bookends with horses a cousin of my wife asked me if it might possible to make some more bookend with dogs, especially Labradors. I was happy to make a pair and she was absolutely excited about it.

As last time I cut the dogs from 9 mm beech plywood with a 2.4 mm spiral toothed end mill and the book ends with a 4 mm endmill with 2 flutes especially intended for wood on my Sorotec BasicLines. Keep in mind to only drill through the center center part of the dogs. The outer parts only needs holes to the half depth just to align the parts with wooden pins.

Bookends-Labrador 1.jpg Bookends-Labrador 2.jpg Bookends-Labrador 3.jpg Bookends-Labrador 4.jpg Bookends-Labrador 5.jpg

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