One Hand Book Holder

When reading with my daughters it's wonderful to hold them in one arm. This results in reading with one hand. Now and then the book slips or the pages flip undesirable, so I decided to make one of these thumb page holders. Depending on the material it so fast to make I thought of making some more to have little presents at hand. Plus it's a good test to see what material works best with the tiny cnc.

These builds were done on a desktop cnc-machine by Stepcraft. I used various woods, plastics, and aluminum.

One-Hand-Book-Holder-Modell One-Hand-Book-Holder-Usage One-Hand-Book-Holder-Material One-Hand-Book-Holder-Material-Names One-Hand-Book-Holder-PMMA One-Hand-Book-Holder-PVC-Hardfoam One-Hand-Book-Holder-Aluminum One-Hand-Book-Holder-Birch-Plywood One-Hand-Book-Holder-Beech One-Hand-Book-Holder-Oak One-Hand-Book-Holder-Padouk One-Hand-Book-Holder-Stained-Birch One-Hand-Book-Holder-Smoked-Oak

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